Sunday, November 30, 2008

things i learned instead of doing homework

1. The Swedes now have a prescription heroin for addicts. I interpret it as an extension of a needle exchange, and personally my possition is 'pro'.

2. The NDP does not like Harper's new budget. Not a surprise but maybe you are interested in why. Well because it does not adequately deal with the ever present concern of most Canadians 'stimulating the economy'. In other political news if the NDP and the Bloc over through the current minority government Dion will be PM. now sure how that works, but i trust fakejacklayton to tell me the truth.

3. Some peoples priorities are; have a baby, call JJ GO!, eat a sandwich to regain strength.

4. Humans can do amazing things...
seriously SO amazing!

5. One could still have a career as a Pirate.

6. Some interesting person's thoughts on the forced end to the Kinder Cafe.

7. i was to lazy to learn about why i should not continue to be 'in love' with Obama. Can someone else read it and summarize? I have homework to do.


  1. Just a slight correction (depending on one's geographical perspective). It's the Swiss that offer prescription heroin. Although Sweden is a relatively progressive country, I'm not sure about what their policies are when it comes to treating drug addiction. Now finish that homework! ; )

  2. 1. Whenever something controversial becomes legalized, it's a safe bet to assume it's in Switzerland.

    2. I've been subject to the general canadian political apathy lately, so when I heard about this coalition takeover madness I was surprised. Exciting time in Ottawa! Dion should not be in charge though, I think. Even though I like him, and voted for him and his party, a lot of Canadians clearly rejected him as a leader. For the coalition to not look like Dion is stealing the government (which Harper will do his best to tell us is happening) I think someone else should probably take the lead. OR, Michaƫlle Jean should just seize the throne.

    3. Funny phone call. I imagine she planned that in advance, but I wonder if other people programme the show's phone number into their cell phones? Like the babysitter who was trapped on the roof.

  3. one time they used the song from JJGo! for the credits of weeds.