Monday, November 3, 2008

Fashion from the Hill

one of the original intentions for this blog was to occasionally talk about fashion, but i have not said much, so here is a short update.

has anyone seen either the Lauren Conrad, or Heidi Montag fashion lines? Lauren, boring as hell. Heidi, sluty as hell. Even the name is sluty, Heidiwood. yuck. Heidiwood is priced from $10-$60, where Lauren Conrad is in the tripple digits. Also has everyone heard her song Fashion. It is as bad as it sounds, perhaps worse. Turns out according to Dose magazine, Heidi has given up her fashion line "in order to concentrate on her shudder - music "career." I enjoyed when during the second season of the Hills they would pop-up-vidio the disirers they were wearing during the aftershow.

also i totally love Bona Drag, currently i want the feature dress.

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  1. Hey Rachel. I checked your other blog. The msn spaces blog, but this seems like the one you were talking about. I like blogger better but my msn spaces has sentimental value...i met my wife on it. Anyway I'll keep an eye on this, though I'm not much for fashion