Sunday, November 2, 2008

emails from mothers.

after molly shared with me a silly email from her mother, we wondered if there was a database of emails from mothers to children. Success! thanks goggle!
the website was called Postcards From Yo Momma!

some choice posts are:

Obama’s favourite food is pie…just like you.

We have been in the woods almost every weekend working on the camp. Murdering trees, shredding the evidence, splitting murdered trees, stacking split murdered trees, burning murdered trees. Generally the whole tree murdering cycle.
And drinking at the bar.

Me: I’m watching the employee screening of High School Musical 3, so be really jealous…
Mom: Slap urself, ur not a high schooler anymore…it’s illegal to look at those kids like that.
Me: I’m not interested in zac efron
Mom: you should be he’s a cutie

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