Tuesday, November 18, 2008

perhaps it is okay?

Attractive Girls Union Refuses To Enter Into Talks With Mike Greenman

this video from the Onion, brightened my day, until at the end of the video there was an advertisement that i found offensive. disappointing.

Abortions could be Healthy? apparently this could be a legitimate argument. Molly discovered on Jezebel.com that pre-eclampsia is reduced the more abortions a woman has. The study suggests that women who have had two or more induced abortions reduced their risk for pre-eclampsia by 60 percent! turns out pre-eclampsia is an increasing risk for women during pregancy. I think it is what happened to my mom when i was born, we both came super duber close to death! I guess i can possibly draw the conclution that my mother had not had an abortion prior to her pregancy with me. Based on the way my parents discribe the ordeal of my birth, pre-eclampsia is scary, and idealy avoided.

I don't want to advocate randome abortion but it does give reason for debate and conversation. Maybe one could argue "Dear Christian Right, abortion is okay, God doesn't mind, it protects future wanted Babies" or something. Maybe not.


  1. I'm finding this a bit confusing. It seems to say that having been pregnant previously is really the part that vaccinates against pre-eclampsia. I don't understand how abortion comes into it.

    I watched that video yesterday and don't want to watch it again to see the ad at the end. What was it for?

  2. I just read the jezebel comments and some of them seem to be agreeing with me that the article is kind of twisting this story.

    "This seems like an odd and sensationalized way to report it. Shouldn't the story be that two pregnancies reduced your risk for pre-eclampsia even if the fetus is not carried to term? I think everyone just loves to throw ABORTION in the headlines. It's probably a quick way to get tons of attention. The results don't seem all that useful."

  3. shock value cailin!

    i agree. its not about abortion at all.

    maybe due to the fact that my mother had it with me were able to conclude that i never had those dead sisters after all.

  4. Let's hold a funeral for your dead fake sisters someday