Friday, January 23, 2009

Eight Maps!
Now we can go to the houses of people in California and slap the people do donated to support Proposition 8. I suggest we slap them once for ever dollar they donated.
Lynette Atkisson, Homemaker, gets 5000 slaps for the $5 000 she donated!

Okay maybe i shouldn't be encouraging this violence. But i like the idea that these people can not be anonymous and people can change their behavior to show there dissatisfaction. Perhaps we should no longer support Full-screenVisionary Electronics, Inc. and Blackford Construction. If you are friends with Adam Haleck, Real Estate Developer, tell him how you feel, and maybe don't have him represent you when you are selling your California house. This is how politics inform your daily life. It is not okay if someone doesn't believe homosexual people are equal, and i am not going to let people think that it won't affect how i associate with people with busnesses and people based on what they suport.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


In honor our the Canadian National Film Board. In honor of it's most recent anniversary the NFB has put all of their film online. You can search topics, or genera's, or play a predeterminded play list.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mrs. O

I heard about this website on CBC radio (west coast edition). They were talking about it as if perhaps it has gone too far. Well I totally love it. I love when the fashion of older people especially older women is promoted. By older I mean older than say 30.
Honestly Michelle Obama is amazing. I am not ashamed of loving her clothing. She promotes affordable clothing and local up and coming designers, as well as high fashion. Check what she wore last at

Turn it into a MOVIE!

Stevan told me that i should not use twitter because it is lamer than facebook. Turns out he is wrong, it is way funnier than facebook, and sometimes i am informed.
recent discoveries were:
1))))))))))BIG NEWS! Veronica Mars movie CONFIRMED! in some ways i am still nervous this won't work out after all our priers for more VM! I am so excited to see more Logan!

2))))))))))) ALSO! for those of you who are from Toronto, or are Comic book lovers! SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD another movie! Lots of interesting people involved and i can only see this as being fun. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed that my imagination is going to be different than my imagination. I am not sure how i feel about Micheal Cera as Scott Pilgrim. I just fine he is only one character ever and I never saw Scott as THAT awkward. You can see a full cast breakdown.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

John Keats: Poet, Lover, Ghost.

(Those who know me in person, and thus on facebook, may be familiar with this material which originated in a photo album in 2006. I think it's time I share this with the rest of the world as well.)

We all know John Keats as the tragic romantic poet who died of consumption before his pen had glean’d his teeming brain. Now get ready to see a whole new side of Keats! A semi-transparent ghosty side!

*WARNING: Easily frightened individuals please empty bowels prior to viewing this album. It's SPOOK-tacular!

Innocent Romantic poetry enthusiast Cailin ______ sets out to visit the Hampstead home where Keats wrote many of his important works, like 'Ode to a Nightingale." Little does she expect to find GHOSTLY TERROR on this sunny afternoon...

Back entrance? Why?

Because the front is haunted.


This is an undoctored photo. Maybe it's a sun glare, but that seems unusual, because I've been using this digital camera for several years and never had a mark like that appear before.

Logical answer: