Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turn it into a MOVIE!

Stevan told me that i should not use twitter because it is lamer than facebook. Turns out he is wrong, it is way funnier than facebook, and sometimes i am informed.
recent discoveries were:
1))))))))))BIG NEWS! Veronica Mars movie CONFIRMED! in some ways i am still nervous this won't work out after all our priers for more VM! I am so excited to see more Logan!

2))))))))))) ALSO! for those of you who are from Toronto, or are Comic book lovers! SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD another movie! Lots of interesting people involved and i can only see this as being fun. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed that my imagination is going to be different than my imagination. I am not sure how i feel about Micheal Cera as Scott Pilgrim. I just fine he is only one character ever and I never saw Scott as THAT awkward. You can see a full cast breakdown.

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