Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are far too many pictures of Rachel on this blog.
I'm going to fix that now.

This is a portrait of a woman who has to Pee Real Bad Right Now, but doesn't want to move.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Good Sisters

I am taking a contemporary art class this semester. Everyone else in the class are artists accept me. We haven't passed Impressionism, and I am getting frustrated, I want to understand Duchamp and Man Ray and I plan on spending every Wednesday evening at the AGO studding.
Perhaps my favourite contemporary artist from Toronto is Katie Pretti. The subject of her mainly abstract work is sexuality and coming of age. Will Kucey writes "Pretti’s
work filters and mirrors the sensations and discomforts of emotional and physical experience." She playes with light and dark. I have been playing with the idea of investing in one of her pieces for a while.

Currently she has an exhibition at Le Gallery on Dundas street. Who wants to check it out with me before October 5th.

"There's a strong fiscally conservative argument for supporting the arts"

So many times have I listened to strong arguments explaining that supporting the arts should be part of even a conservative economic plan. But I have never heard a conservative say it. Something changed today!

this close to death

Hey everyone!
It is a shame that we rarely use this blog in recent months, and I hope that will soon no longer be the case!
Both bloggers are now living together in a modest apartment in Kensington market down town Toronto! Here is a short update on the housing process. We are trying to keep at 1970s found object vibe to the apartment. Almost everything we have was either found, thrift, or a gift.
Today we went to a local Portuguese shop that has lots of old house wear. I bought 4, Canadian coat of arms coasters, cera 1930s, there once! Today keeping with my obsession with Canadian paraphernalia I bought a plate.

Unfortunately after bringing the plate home I read "NOT FOR USE FOR SERVING FOOD". I would not have bought a purely decorative plate. I was planning on eating off it. I was concerned that perhaps the issues is that the plate may be poisons. I looked on the internet but unfortunately I can't find any information about the specific company Barton of Canada LTD. I did read that the colors used for the creation of decorative plates can contain heavy metals, which can easily pass into food and then into the body. There have been poisoning cases reported after people consumed food from decorative plates. Regular dishware presents no such risks.

In future I am going to have to remember to read the back of all plates I buy.


Monday, September 21, 2009