Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Good Sisters

I am taking a contemporary art class this semester. Everyone else in the class are artists accept me. We haven't passed Impressionism, and I am getting frustrated, I want to understand Duchamp and Man Ray and I plan on spending every Wednesday evening at the AGO studding.
Perhaps my favourite contemporary artist from Toronto is Katie Pretti. The subject of her mainly abstract work is sexuality and coming of age. Will Kucey writes "Pretti’s
work filters and mirrors the sensations and discomforts of emotional and physical experience." She playes with light and dark. I have been playing with the idea of investing in one of her pieces for a while.

Currently she has an exhibition at Le Gallery on Dundas street. Who wants to check it out with me before October 5th.


  1. Though not a spelling mistake, we live in Canada, so I prefer "favourite" as opposed to "favorite" :) Do I win?

  2. also, "accept" me?
    EXCEPT me! yay for spelling!