Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe I just enjoy shouting

I haven't been this annoyed by TV in a while.

I think the last time I spluttered with so much indignation was around the time of the first Bazillion $ bailout, when that ass Lou Dobbs kept complaining about 'foreign meddling' and 'an outrageous threat to U.S sovereignty' when some leaders in the EU or something had the audacity to express their concern that America was flushing the world's economy down the shit hole.


Today's annoyance was actually on a similar theme. My mother has a disturbing addiction to Home and Garden television. I don't know why she enjoys watching boring people buy boring houses. The only show I like on that channel is EXTREME HOMES, because they are sometimes unique. Usually not all that EXTREME, but they generally have at least one slide in the place of a staircase to capture my attention. I'm also fond of that Phil Spencer, but even his show is a bit dull.

Tonight I saw some show about a young woman purchasing her first home. I tuned in just as she was saying something to the effect of "Normally I wouldn't even look at this house because it's out of my budget, but this time I'll put in a low offer and see what happens."
Now, I've seen enough of these shows to know that this is a stupid plan, because the idiot is going to omg totally fall in looooove and have to buy this overpriced house, at any cost. And, of course, this happened. The woman went on to purchase the house for $385, 000, absolutely no money down, with monthly mortgage payments of $2, 800. And I exploded with rage.

While the show played life-affirming music, while the agents and woman smiled and signed the papers, while the voice-over told me to never settle and that we all deserve our dream house, I sat in my chair fuming that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS RUINED THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND SADDLED US ALL WITH THIS RECESSION. Jerks like her who think they need and deserve a huge house right off the bat, the greedy banks who would give someone such a large loan without any down payment, the television shows that encouraged this attitude of reckless materialism, and chumps like me who watched the damn shows and accept them as entertainment and a reasonable portrait of reality

I'm going to live in a gypsy caravan, paid for in cash.

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