Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheerleaders gone WILD!

Loved this article! read and comment here, or there.

Today i discovered a woman who might freak me out more than Sarah Palin!

"if you forget everything i say today, if there is only one think you take from me today let it be this, this is what i want you to here, if you have sex outside of marriage, one permanent, monogamous, (and monogamy does not mean one at a time) one partner, who has only been with you, if you have sex outside of that contact you will pay, there is a cost, no one has ever had sex outside of marriage and not paid!"
Pam Stenzel

I am too angry to even talk about her. What a... so frustrated!
I don't even know if can watch more video's or read the website. comment?

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  1. What a crazy bitch. I'm too pissed to say anything constructive. Maybe later.
    I'm gonna put you on my blogroll cuz I like your posts.