Sunday, November 9, 2008


Rachel and I have set up a heck of a lot of categories in this here blog. Time to cram them all into one SUNDAY SUPER POST, random point-form style.

  • As much as I agree with Palin that her fellow republicans are jerks for spreading rumours about her dumb questions during her debate prep, I have to profusely thank Americans for not electing a V.P with such a pitful understanding of Africa.

  • Hey! art’s great! Am I right?

  • Currently reading Watchmen, thanks to Rachel. It’s starting up pretty slowly so far, and I’m looking forward to more action. I have to say that Rorschach was a great idea for a character, visually.

  • I wonder how many people are actually called Cailin in Ireland? (It’s Irish for “girl”)


  • If it is at all possible that you are not yet aware of The Perry Bible Fellowship, get reading.

  • I had NO IDEA James Joyce was such a dirty, dirty man. If you’ve seen his love letters to Nora Barnacle, you know what I’m talking about.

  • I wonder if the fact that my new low-flow shower head requires me to take about three times as long to wash my hair as it used to cancels out the water I’m supposed to be saving in the first place...

  • You know how JFK destroyed the hat industry by strutting around bare-headed? I’m hoping Obama also makes some huge male fashion impact. At the moment, I’m rooting for him just bringing the hat back.

  • haven’t seen the show yet, but that one brunette looks like a doll. This is my insightful observation!

  • I just accidentally typed “Jamir Tibbs.” That would make a great alter ego.

  • D.L Hughley’s are not funny.

  • At least if you got McCain's campaign logo tattooed on your body you can pretend you were in the navy or something...

  • Anybody seen that “Nick and Nora” Micheal Cera one? How was it? I can’t see it because the title alone enrages me. Nick and Nora Charles forever!

  • It’s been pretty great listening to civil rights movement music this week.

  • I missed the last Liberal leadership convention since I was abroad at the time, so I never saw how handsome that Gerard Kennedy is. I mean, he’s no Justin Trudeau, but you take what you can get.
  • Also, did anyone ever chant Hur-RAE, Hur-RAE for Bob Rae?

  • Ah, how I will miss CNN’s POLL of POLLS.

  • “ Just had a great lunch. Wham, bam, thank you ham!” - Jordan Morris, via twitter. He makes me laugh.

  • What a pal! What an asset to civilization!

  • So many great romantic tales seem to hedge on circumstances that could have been altered by the slightest thing, like missing a certain bus or leaving a party early. Makes one wonder if, say, an ill-timed Steve Irwin impersonation might have cost one one’s soul mate. One would feel like a real jackass if that were true. One would indeed.
Good thing God doesn’t ever confirm such things. "THOU HAST TOTALLY BLOWN THY ONE CHANCE FOR TRUE LOVE, THOU IDIOT.”

  • She should get to keep the clothes. Come on!

  • I miss Mad Men.

  • I just watched a video of Obama playing basketball, and it looks like his buddies are letting him win. Unless he is the best at all things?
  • The travel connection: I’m pretty sure traveling is something basketballers do.

  • I could go for some treasure mountain.

  • is Ewbabmiz backwards!

Phew, this was difficult. Good Night.

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