Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Penn and Teller Bullshit

Jack and I are watching Bullshit.
we just finished watching the episode "world peace" and are about to watch it on "the war on pornography".

The episodes are interesting and funny! recommended by me!
I don't agree that they don't believe that there is no one who doesn't believe in "world peace". I honestly don't believe that, there are people who like to watch destruction, and like that war benefits them.
i have often wondered if with peace would be boring. But i don't think there were talking about a world where nothing happens. This isn't "We" by Eugene Amiatin. We don't want NOTHING to happen.

In the "war against porn" I gather that Dr. Russle's theories are simplified, but they do a good okay job talking about both sides. Penn and Teller are pretty convincing.
A lot of porn does give both men and women unrealistic expectations of partners, and of themselves. This was unfortunately not addressed.


  1. my internet is too slow to watch the videos, but like chuck klosterman explained (lol the essayist/author man), specifically for internet porn, the key is normalcy (now whatever that normal may be like someones normal being a woman getting smacked in the face while being done by numerous guys, or something) in the porn stars - that whole "girl next door" feeling - instead of setting a high expectation for men/women and their partners, internet porn, at least, is more realistic; it gives ppl that organic. unsophisticated feel. so with that, amateur porn is a means of grounding to reality. i'm not saying, though, that porn contributes to society well at all...highest demanded porn is just misogyny in disturbing forms

  2. what an important distinction, neither I, nor Penn and Teller, bothered to make a distinction between the porn industry, and internet porn, we obviously should have.