Monday, August 18, 2008

fuck patriarchy

[The only thing worse than suffering from a yeast infection is BEING MADE to keep quiet]

Talk about dueling graffiti. looks like the students of Guelph University have a different perspective. this one was found in the University Center at Guelph University summer of 2007.
i wish the photo was big enough that I could still read the rest of the changes made.


looks like my posts are staring to have a theme.


  1. omgz that is brilliant. you should send it to feministing for their random acts of feminism section. I need to start carrying a marker around for shit like this. who wants to form a stealth feminist vandals cooperative?

  2. omg, how do i sent things to feministing!

    also obviously you, Cailin and i need to start a gorilla feminist clan, similar to gorilla girls.

  3. It should just be called Feminist Criminals, of course.

  4. email to:
    if you haven't already.

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