Saturday, August 23, 2008

How's Your News

Has anyone seen How's Your News?

I just read about this 1999 documentary here and it sounds really interesting. From the film's website:

"How's Your News?" is a film project like no other. It began years ago, in 1994, at a summer camp for people with disabilities called Camp Jabberwocky. Director Arthur Bradford taught a video class at the camp and each summer they'd produce a new batch of videos trying to incorporate the talents and unique personalities of the adult campers with disabilities ranging from severe cerebral palsy to downs syndrome. One of the most popular video projects were the news shows which they would produce at camp.

These unusual segments featured unexpectedly poignant and humorous man-on-the street interviews conducted by the campers with surprised passersby. These interviews became the basis for "How's Your News?", a critically acclaimed feature length film which takes five of the most enthusiastic campers from Camp Jabberwocky on a rollicking road trip across America during which they interview just about every person they meet along the way.

A bunch of clips can be found here

I don't think this is in the actual documentary, but this is my favourite

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  1. this might be one of the cutest things i have ever seen.