Tuesday, August 26, 2008


my favorite french word is "avocat"!

first, it sounds cool, and almost like a karate chop move.
second it means both 'avocado', and 'lawyer (feminine)'.

i feel like my love for 'avocat' helps me understand why David Sedaris loves the french word "Chef", it means boss, but also has all those lovely North american first nations connotations.

Today I had a great day in montreal,
i went to the Musée des beaux arts , had une cafe et une sandwich, in the cutest french bakery, recommended to me by the Museum's security-gard. I pretended i was a McGill frosh, stumbled upon a garage sael where i got two virgin mary pendants, and a dream catcher pin, for two dollars. They were twenty five cents each, but i thought that was too little. i walked further and bought a handmade GIANT wood ring. Walking down st-laurent i found a cafe/used clothes store, where i bought a blue skirt, and contemplated an 80s leather jacket. When Cailin joins me i am going to have her look at the jacket.

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