Thursday, August 21, 2008


the day after I appeared in a fashion blog,
I read an article making me feel guilty.
maybe, if i ever make some kind of fashion blog, i will attempt to fulfill the authors request,
"And in the meantime, if someone out there knows of (or wants to start!) a street-fashion blog that actually makes a concerted effort to highlight the awesome style of non-white, non-skinny, non-able-bodied fashionistas, let me know about it! I'd love to add it to my daily reading, guilt-free."

ironically, the article linked to a few fashion blogs i have never seen, that I have now bookmarked.

I love the fantasy worlds that surround nerd culture, unfortunately i don't have the memory, time, or intelligence to play the games.
the Warhammer Online game launches soon, and friends of mine are anxiously anticipating it. Jack (the roommate) had me watch the trailer today, it looks cool, and as he explains the world, I am super intrigued. I wish i had the time to just read about the world. but i hardly find the time to read books for school.


  1. But how weird would it be for you to go on the hunt for people who are fashionable and specifically non-white, non-skinny, and non-abled-bodied? That seems like it could be a bit patronizing or exotifying.
    Good points in that article though.

    Online games are a waste of time, sez me.

  2. I like how you put a Warhammer game in your blog. The universe is pretty interesting, but not worth surrending your life over to an MMO for.