Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jamie Tubbs

In His correspondence with H&M readers Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist says "I deliberately try to shoot the widest possible variety of people." This sounds inclusive, yet as Ann of feministing says most of his people are white, young, sucessful...

It has been brought to my attention the Brock University has attempted to do something similar to what Ann requested. They wrote about kids who had there one style, and didn't pay attention to trends, or expectations of their peers. Best of all, the male featured is great friend Jamie Tubbs. Now both brother and sister have been featured in fashion blogs.

If schuman is correct, I want to go to Milan. Apparently it is stuck in the 1930s. What could be better than being stuck in the 1930s!!!!!
well not maybe with the Great Depression, Though I would like to live in the times of great horror films like, Dracula, Frankenstein, Jekyll/Hyde, King Kong.


  1. I can't believe Jamie Tubbs is an official category on our blog.

  2. lets not kid ourselves, i know i will write something to do with Jamie again,
    Also he has his own fanclub, and perhaps this type of activities will make bring them to our blog.