Friday, August 29, 2008

More olympic-related propaganda (from BBC)

Zimbabwe swimmer gets cash prize

"Zimbabwe's top Olympic swimmer has been given a $100,000 dollar reward by the country's president, Robert Mugabe."

I don't know much about this athlete, other than that she is a great swimmer for whom I cheered during her races. However, I'm really hoping she doesn't keep this money and scamper back to the USA. How could you take that money from that corrupt government while the people of Zimbabwe are desperate under 11,000,000% inflation.


In other political news, SARAH PALIN, WHAT? Thanks for the token lady, Republican fellows!


  1. okay, so now Obama must win, i don't want some token prolife women to take the spot.

  2. i read in the globe and mail about Palin's daughter, and family. she freaks me out.
    Weather Trig is her son or not, its a fucked up situation.

  3. the day we created this blog my dad wanted me to post these vidios. well i did. So i hope he is satisfied. Seriously this election is UGLY! thank you Paris for making me silly. I bet she doesn't vote.