Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zara Union

My mom likes to send me emails about issues she thinks i would be interested in because they are more relevant to my life. Mostly young women work at ZARA. Really its not that different from my place of employment. H&M is not unionized. If it was there are a verity of complains i would have already made about conditions. I would at least do something about that bloody cash beeping.

Zara workers joined UNITE HERE in Fall 2007 in order to improve working
conditions at their store. They were tired of their unpredictable
schedules, working shortstaffed, bosses' favoritism, and disregard for

Instead of respecting employees' right to join a union, since Fall 2007,
ZARA has engaged in conduct which may have violated the Quebec Labour
Code, including:

* *Firing four employees* who supported the union at ZARA's Rockland
Mall store in April and May 2008
* *Demoting two employees* who led a union drive at ZARA's downtown
Montreal store in August 2007
* Holding anti-union meetings at three Montreal stores in 2007-2008,
*in one case telling employees that joining a union is "treason"
against the company*.


Send a message to David Pastrana, President of Zara Canada, add your name to the petition.

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