Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart

John Stewart has some great quotes in this part of the interview. Chchchcheck it out!

I just read an article about transparency in salaries to ensure women are not getting payed to little. Basically it advocated that women make pacts with each other and to always disclose how much they make. I am constantly surprised at how secretive people are about how much they make. My parents have very strong socialist and feminist values and for me these values have always been a given. It is not only to ensure women are payed freely that I believe salaries should be transparent, but because EVERYONE should have fair salary, and everyone should know if someone is not pulling their weight for the work they do, and likewise someone is not being payed enough to maintain a decent standard of living.
The end of the article urged readers to make this pact, or better yet, make a pact with yourself to always be open and honest when discussing your salary especially if you feel it could help someone else gain leverage and receive a more fair wage. who's with me?

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