Thursday, December 4, 2008


For your BIG FAT information...
Canada is no longer a democracy. We Canadians are living in some alternate world where Parliament has been disabled until mid January. Harper has power will out the vote of the House. If you want to learn more... turn on the tv, open a paper, or read this article. I don't even fully understand what is going on, but from what I gather Harper is doing nothing to help the economy except take away the fragile rights of working families, women, and all other marginalized groups. Layton, and Gills got mad, they decided to make a coalition. the coalition acually included Jack and Stephane Dion. They had plans to vote out Harper's government on grounds of mistrust on Monday. Yesterday evening Harper talked to the people... except he said nothing. Dion later released a super embarrassing video.

Isn't that embarrassing?
This morning Harper groveled and begged Governor General Michaelle Jean to let him dissolve the house. She agreed, heaven knows why. And now we live in some odd dictatorship.
We are all waiting to see what happens next. Oh Canadian Politics how you slay me.

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