Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Canada

I think North America has somehow fallen victim to a bizarre wormhole of political insanity.
Just a few short years ago, I remember being proud of my government for all the great, progressive things they were standing up for. Kyoto, gay marriage, not joining the Iraq war... At the same time I pitied the U.S and their disaster of a President.

How the tables have turned!

The election of Prime Minister Harper back in 2006 ruined my birthday, but at least it was aboveboard. What I've witnessed today has astonished and disgusted me. I can't believe the Governor General has sanctioned his craven behavior and allowed Parliament to be shut down for weeks, just to save his hide. He says this is for the good of Canada.

Thanks, Mr Harper, but I believe that in our constitutional democracy, it is not up to you to decide independently what is good for Canada. You aren't a king. We VOTED for our representatives (Remember that unwanted election you called just the other day? Remember how the Canadians you are supposedly appealing to did NOT give you a majority?) Our representatives have the prerogative to voice their lack of confidence in your leadership, and you have the responsibility to face criticism and the will of the majority of parliamentarians. You can't just shut down debate and democracy just because you are losing, and expect me to believe this is for my own good.

What a sick joke. To paraphrase Richard Harris' Oliver Cromwell: "God damn this [Prime Minister]!"

Or maybe I'll go with "You are no more capable of managing the affairs of this nation than you are of running a brothel!"

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