Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have decided that i am really happy i watched a lot of Bill Nye, and read too many Magic School Bus episodes. But seriously people DO YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SCIENCE.
I know very little about science, but i feel like other people know less.
apparently people believe that if you put warmer water in a freezer it will turn to ice faster. WRONG! physics people. PHYSICS!
Second apparently noise only travels up, or down. or something that sounds totally absurd to me.
Thank god for educational children's programing and books.


  1. "apparently people believe that if you put warmer water in a freezer it will turn to ice faster"

    So its said that in the case you forgot to make enough ice for a party use hot water to freeze the cubes faster

    Ok so the logic makes no sense but science says it is possible. The reason is: when the hot water is inside your freezer it evaporates. It takes energy to evaporate and this energy need comes from some where and in this case it comes form the heat in the hot water.

    Its the same idea that you body uses to cool down by sweating.

    Also when the water temperature is closer to zero the top (and out sides) of the cube in making solidify first leaving all the gasses and energy to become trapped inside the ice cube. (also how you can tell the difference between tap water ice cube(which are cloudy in the middle) and pure water (which is completely transparent) anyway I'm off topic.

    The catch is that hot water ice cubes are smaller as a result of the loss of water to evaporation. The point is that you get a set of ice cube faster for you guests drinks.

    There is also i limit to how hot the water can be.

    now having said the above I must say the science has proven it occurs but there is not a 100% agreed upon reason as to why it happens. Evaporation is the mostly commonly accepted and in my opinion is the most logical. The different theories likely all play apart in why it occurs. I touch on the others a little bit . . . I think I'm just rambling now. If you want to know more about the other ideas let me know and I'll see what i can find.

    ~~ Jack ~~

  2. PS i love bill nye

  3. I was really hoping that long comment would be signed ~~ Bill ~~