Wednesday, September 24, 2008

they are making my life into a movie

after having a book series spanning 5 books, peers creepily far into my future, i never expected them to make a movie.

This time, unlike the original author Sophia Kinsella who edited personal details so that people would think she was drawing on her own experiences, they are keeping the details accurate.

well basically just that I will live in new york.

to be honest i am not excited, i bet it will be disappointing. it is not even about high school.
i should just watch clueless, and meangirls one after another instead.


  1. I wish this could actually be a good movie. I liked those books. Becky is a charming character (if you aren't too annoyed by her), but that trailer doesn't make it look like she has the same ridiculous spirit.
    Also, why can't she be British? Britishness obviously sells. Look at Bridget Jones and, hmm, Shopaholic. The change doesn't seem necessary. ALSO how will Becky ramp up her materialism in the sequel if she starts in New York? ALSO Suze totally shouldn't be GIA from Veronica Mars. She should be blonde and classically beautiful, not dark and unique like Gia. Is there suddenly a shortage of blonde actresses?

    Wow, I had no idea I had so many opinions about this chick-lit/chick-flick.


    Sophie Kinsella's real nameis Madeline Wickham. I wonder why she adopted the pen name. Is she ashamed of the genre of which she is queen?

    Last word on Gia:I think she should play Becky instead.

  3. if they switched characters it might improve the movie greatly.
    but i think it would still be a disappointment.
    I feel bad for Madeline Wickham her books will be forgotten and her legacy with be a shadow of a bad movie.