Monday, September 8, 2008

Degrassi Talks, but do they Listen?

On my eternally long train ride back from Montreal, I was forced to drown out the sound of the irritating children in front of me by listening to episode after episode of You Look Nice Today.
What a funny trio of men. I doubt they'd be to everyone's taste, but I think it's like being invited to hear clever strangers' hilarious inside jokes as they are being created.

In addition to YLNT and the occasional song, I also played an episode of Degrassi Talks! Once again, I find myself wanting updates on the lives of the Real Canadian Teens they interviewed about Real Teen Problems back in the early nineties. Did 16 year old Carole's son turn out okay? Did that guy teaching kids the correct use of condoms die of AIDS? Did the girl who played Spike ever meet her birth parents? Did the girl who'd had so many STDs that she became infertile end up adopting? I need answers! Why are they wasting resources on Degrassi the Next Generation when they could be making Degrassi Talks! Some More to the Same People a While Later


  1. I hope we get responses from the real stars of Degrassi talks.

  2. that would be so amazing. I'm thinking of hiring a P.I to track them down