Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The pressure is rising

Ra-shell and I have been noticing an increase of international visitors to our humble blog of late, which is a delightful and yet also alarming phenomenon in my mind. I can't help but think of all the brave Americans and sophisticated French reading our meagre offerings and thinking "poo!" or "bah." This image breaks my heart.

In a fit of insecurity I've turned to the Internet for sizzling blog ideas. Luckily I've found a website which offers

101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle!

Hurrah! Time to apply these fantastic, blog-saving ideas and capture your loyalty forever!

Tip #1: Brainstorm by matching up your readers wants and needs.

Okay, apparently most people arrive here through spying on Rachel, and searching for "guy turn ons" Some of this material is already well covered. Here is my spy photo of Rachel, taken through a hole in a wall, which should satisfy your lurking needs.

Tip # 22: Be opinionated in your post.


Tip # 41: Invite experts to comment on your post.

Tip # 56: Pose a rhetorical question in your post.

To be or not to be?

Furthermore, what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry? Huh? Answer me that, readers.

Tip # 68: Do a post transcribing live events (e.g., Macworld conference).

Ah, live-blogging my regular blogging. Okay.

3:33: Look at my fingers fly as I type this sentence. I'm pausing for a second. I corrected a spelling mistake.

3:34: Readjusting my sitting position. Legs no longer tucked under body, but stretched out in all their glory.

3: 35: Itchy eyelids. Continue to type. Switching back to 101 Great Posting ideas to find another great idea.

3:37: Have selected another tip, "Run a poll and post the results of that poll."

3:37: Proceeding to enact tip.

Tip # 95: Run a poll and post the results of that poll.

Go vote!

Tip # 79: Create a post that has a cliff hanger to be answered in a later post.

Okay, now what can OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT BEHIND Y

To Be Continued