Sunday, September 28, 2008

I don't understand why this is supposed to be cool

I'm not a music buff at all, so forgive me if I ever say things on the subject that are totally obvious and pitiably naive. Perhaps everyone has known The Submarines forever, but I just discovered them through an interview they did with one of my favourite podcasts, The Sound of Young America. Turns out that I, like everyone else, already knew their music through those iPhone 3G commercials.

In the interview, the band members John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard talked a bit about how pleased they were that Apple chose their song You Me and the Bourgeoisie for the ad, and then later spoke about anti-materialist message they hoped to get across through the lyrics.

Plastic Bottles
Imported Water
Cars we drive wherever we want to
Clothes we buy it's sweatshop labor
Drugs from corporate enablers
We're not living the Good life
Unless we're fighting the Good fight
You and Me just trying to get it right

From the interview:

John Dragonetti: I like the anti-consumerist element to it

Blake Hazard: Yeah, it’s definitely anti-materialist.

John Dragonetti: Which... you know, there’s some irony in all that!

Interviewer: Yes, we’ll leave it at that. I wasn’t going to say anything...

Blake Hazard: No, no! I just think it’s actually incredibly cool that it was chosen for an ad when clearly there’s a smart guy behind the decision and he must have seen the lyrics. I think it’s actually pretty great that he chose it...

John Dragonetti: Even though it’s the instrumental

Interviewer: Yeah, they took the lyrics out


Okay... so... what? I don't get it. We're just assuming that Apple is being very clever somehow and, uh, don't actually want us to buy their luxury products? Or they're mocking the band? Mocking their customers possible hypocrisy? Don't consider the purchase of an upgraded iPhone to be a materialistic, consumerist action? Or is it just a catchy tune and they don't give a shit about the original message so much as they want me to buy their phone?

Steve Jobs, please explain. You know where to reach me. I've already bought several of your products, so you probably have me on file somewhere.


  1. Wow, this is amazing. I wonder if the band was under some sort of contract to not say anything about apple while they're still recieving bit fat royalty payments.

    Epitome of "Sell Out". Sorry guys.

  2. I feel like they are pretending that they are being ironic, and that the some of the people at apple are being ironic so that they don't have to feel the guilt of selling out.

    I do love hypocrisy though.