Friday, September 26, 2008


The other day at work a co-worker said she didn't care about workers rights because she loved her deals at walmart.
I asked her if she cared about her own rights as a worker. her response was something like "well i don't work at walmart".
Most people don't understand how even from a purely selfish perspective walmart does effect the quality of their life. Especially if one works in medium end retail. if one shoppes at walmart one is forcing other companies to compete with walmarts great prices, this does not just affect manufacturing of the goods we buy but affects the cuts made at store level. cuts to wages, hours, benefits, discounts, and eventually jobs. Walmart has created a lovely catch 22, where as one looses these important workers rights, and benefits, they are forced to continue to shop at walmart.
Honestly, if you don't feeling bad for mom 'n pop shops going out of business, or the abuse of manufacturing workers overseas, or even the store front workers with no benefits.
Please be aware of the affect on your one jobs. A lot of things can be bought at walmart, that means ever other business that makes or sells or has anything to do with that product or service is in competition with walmart, they are affected every time you chose the cheep walmart price over their very slightly more ethical price.

for most of you that was obvious, but for some reason, it freaked me out enough that i wanted to try to explain.

on a more interesting note, check out how the
wal-mart logo has changed over time.

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