Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Juniper

I have loved Detroit ever since i visited as a young girl. There is the beautiful degradation that i had never seen before. Southern Ontario is so different. I guess i grew up in privilege, but always knew there were other ways to live.
It is this overwhelming longing for the working class that has led me to love Diner's, Johnny Cash, and 'different class' by pulp. I love how when people stop paying attention nature takes back space.
Well a hilariously adorable young dad takes photos and writes about Detroit on Sweet Juniper!
Apparently Jim has a photo of a Tree growing out of abandoned school books.
In an interview on the radio with Jian, Jim explains that he wanted to raise his kids in a place that looks like what the rest of the world looks like. His most recent entry is hilariously cute, thank Q for binging me to this great website.


  1. Exciting! I've been reading Sweet juniper since before they moved to Detroit. I even bought his graffiti alphabet book a few years ago for my potential future children (and felt really weird doing so at the time). This morning I started listening to Q, but was annoyed by the ass-kissing Gordon Lightfoot intro that went on and on and on, so I turned off the radio. And then later in the day I looked at Sweet Juniper and was pissed that I was tricked out of hearing an interview I would have flipped out over.

    I think I've linked to that blog a few times here as well.

  2. The Lightfoot interview made up for the annoying intro. also remember i don't think Lightfoot ever heard the interview.

    I guess i need to pay closer attention to your posts. I do remember you talking about the alphabet book. I think I may need a copy for myself. In case i have trouble with my alphabet.