Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hitler-swoggled AGAIN! Damn you neo-Nazis!!!!

Have you ever typed something innocuous into google, clicked on a promising looking link without looking at the url, and then as you start to read you think, "hey, this is... a bit racist. Oh wow, that's a hateful thing to say... oh... HOLY SHIT WHAT AM I READING HERE?!" and then glance at the address bar only to discover that you've stumbled on to Stormfront (wiki link)?

This has happened to me several times since I began using the internet, so I think it must be a fairly regular occurrence. I think this unfortunate phenomenon needs a name, if it doesn't have one already. Stormfronted? Nazi duped? Google linKKKed? Hitler-swoggled?

Speaking of surprise racism, I'm reminded of the hilarious Peep Show, and poor Mark's realization that his new friend is a white supremacist.



"Yeah... That's not on, is it?"


  1. I don't think that has ever happened to me. though i know it has happen to other people in my presence. i seriously don't understand hate.

  2. never done this either, maybe you are a closet nazi

    yeah, ppl hate is fucked up, why cant these ppl learn to hate breathing.

  3. Nah. If I were a nazi, I'd have that as my home page. Much more convenient than searching "1/8th Irish" on St Patrick's day and then being weirded out by people congratulating each other for being white. If I were a nazi, I'd probably find a quicker route to praise my skin colour. Nazis are nothing if not efficient.

    I read a research paper about hate on the internet once which had an interesting section about cloaked racist websites that lure people in. The one that stands out in my memory is martinlutherking.org. It comes up on the first page when you search for martin luther king jr, and poses as a resource for young students, but is actually hosted by a Klan leader. It's creepy.

  4. they might be racist but they a can be smart rage filled bastards