Monday, March 30, 2009


remember the other day when I linked to Well at some point, I donated a ridiculous sum of money to an organization I know nothing about. Turns out they appear to be an interesting and positive organization so YEAH! This is the problem with never reading anything. can you imagine, I spend my days avoiding reading, attempting to understand without reading. Specific words and numbers jump out at me and I attempt to put them together to create meaning. Bigger and and more distinct words jump put. I think this also explains why I add random capitals, I am attempting to make a less visually distinctive word stand out. I ignore the other words and pay little to no attention to sentences or sentence structure. It is rather embarrassing. When reading, reading, I must mentally say, now read the words in order. I guess it is similar to having to tell someone to breath. This may explain the spastic nature of my entries.

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