Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My new favourite candidate

I have to admit, during the by-election and whatnot here in Guelph, I didn't watch any debates, and thus didn't see the full scope of the candidates we have to choose from. Tonight, this changed.

I'm pretty sure there are like, 30 people running in this election. Animal Alliance, libertarians, communists, marijuana, the normal candidates and MY NEW FAVOURITE CANDIDATE:

Independent John Turmel

This man is crazy and hilarious. He was the only candidate to stand up and gesticulate wildly every time he spoke (yelled), he wore a construction helmet which read "TURMEL THE ENGINEER", and I'm almost certain he said "I'm going to kill Ted Rogers" in his concluding speech. My mother didn't hear that bit, but I'd prefer to believe that he said it.

Wow. THIS is what Canada needs to make our elections more exciting. Pure insanity.

Apparently, his blurb in the paper also says something about legalizing prostitution because shy and unattractive people deserve to get laid. THESE ARE THE ISSUES.


  1. wow, this makes guelph look like a hick town.

  2. Nah, he's run in so many places now it hardly says anything about Guelph, I'd say.

    It is pretty funny to see so many candidates at one "debate" though. I wonder how guelph compares to other ridings in that regard.

  3. I do try to use humor because if you laugh at the joke, you got my point.
    What did you find crazy that I might want to drop?
    Because, believe me, I didn't spend almost 30 years chasing an interest-free credit card at the Bank of Canada (you'll have to get one too) as a joke.

  4. I`m glad you caught the humor which means you got my point.
    But what`s crazy`` that I might drop because my Abolish Interest Rates is too important to be jeopardized by my saying something crazy (though the media love to say they were laughing at me and not my jokes).
    I didn`t spend almost 30 years spreading the message in 58 losing elections of wanting my interest-free Bank of Canada account to solve this pauper`s problems to have that effort seem crazy. Any help on my presentation would be appreciated.