Saturday, October 11, 2008


Driving around Guelph with my parents today we saw federal elections signs saying "We believe in Fairness" (or something like that) We were all curious and could not figure out what it was about. In the dark light we thought it was maybe the Family Coalition Party, due to the Green colour of the signs. (I discovered tongiht that the FCP is only in Ontario)
Turns out it is Premier Dalton McGuinty pleading with Ontarian to vote against Harper! Fascinating.
Obviously i am also on the anti-Harper bandwagon but i don't know if that means i want to sign the petition. Ontario is a 'have' province, and i believe in equality. But i don't want Ontarian's to be 'shortchanged'. I reached the conclution that really this information reaffirms that NDP is the party for me. I trust the NDP to work moral equity and fairness, and to be fair to Ontario.

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