Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mad Men

Just a quick note to let everyone with a love of good things know that they should be watching Mad Men. Are you watching watching Mad Men? If not, why in God's name are you not watching Mad Men? If this show gets cancelled prematurely, like so many excellent shows are, I will go Mad. Man!
(hahahahaha. Well done, Cailin)

I think next Sunday is the season finale, so maybe don't jump in now. But take some time to catch up and JOIN ME in welcoming it back for season three.


  1. i started PVRing it tonight. i guess i am a little late. it is a great show.
    it was even talked about positively on Feministing!

  2. love this show, mainly due to my lady crush on joan holloway.

  3. It was brought to my attention that in the official description of the episode Joan's rape was described as "borderline rape".
    I am appalled but their choice of words. I would hope that MadMen would help people understand how women were oppressed and put into positions of dependence at a high cost, yet by describing the rape as "borderline", the statement is reaffirming a man's rights to a womens body if they are in a consensual relationship. not cool.

  4. BORDERLINE?????

    That rape was so far from the border. It would take that rape hours and hours of driving, plus an overnight stay at a motel to reach the border of consent.

    I'd like to see this official description though. Where did you read it? I looked on the AMC website and didn't see anything. It's just surprising, because for once Mad Men seemed to be really unambiguous and blunt about the nature of the scene.

  5. i think i was the information part on my cable. but i will check.