Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zack 16

Molly shared with me this great show that hilariously combines coming of age and puberty in a way both men and women can relate. check it out! Personally my favorite part may be the notes underneath each video so check out the website,


  1. um, i don't think that's a show, i heard that it's actually a tampon ad campaign...weirdness.

  2. That's our Rachel, a regular ol'tampon shill.

    The title of this rubs me the wrong way so much so that I almost couldn't watch it. I hate the name Zack, I (often) hate things relating to being 16, and I hate mixing words with numbers.

    But anyway, I liked the low energy tone of this [commercial? show?]. It was unusual and refreshing in a way. Like an invigorating and easy-to-use smooth tip tampon applicator...