Monday, June 15, 2009

Bedtime routine

I feel slightly ashamed for sharing the following mundane information, but this thing happens to me so often that I'm hoping that making a record of it will help me to change my behaviour. This is blogging as self-help.

As I get ready to go to bed, I unthinkingly go through the regular routine of face washing, teeth brushing and flossing. I wash my hands, take out my contact lenses, and then I'm pretty much ready to be unconscious for a few hours.

Except, sometimes I forget that one crucial step of washing my hands after flossing. And the floss is coated with minty flavour for some reason. As soon as I stick my finger on to my eye, I realize my mistake because I suddenly feel like I've ground a box of tic-tacs into paste and smeared it across my eyeball.

Menthol on your eyeballs may sound refreshing, but it is actually a surprisingly poor bedtime soothing technique.

I know I should be more careful, or rearrange the routine, or get different floss, but I am stupid. And forgetful. But at least no one can accuse me of having smelly eyeballs.

Good night.

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