Thursday, June 11, 2009

Queerly Canadain

This is an article from This Magazine, on how Canadian's (and others) have blinders on when it comes to Transgendered people. Not my favorite article ever, but gets one thinking about how we can readdress the issue of transgendered people in pop culture.
Transgendered people seem to be in the public eye a lot as of late. Another example i came across is Chastity Bono, the offspring of Duo Sonny and Cher, who has announced that formally she, now he, will be transitioning from a woman to a man.

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  1. in reply to the L word section (the only show on the list I have seen more then a handful of time) The cross dresser that likes Kit did not seem to identify as a woman. Like many others he cross dresses but lives his day to day life as a man and hangs out at a lesbian cafe because he will be accepted for his alternative choices. (just a character on a show though so...) and Max, previously Moira, well they chalked the macho male shit up to the overload of hormones (not prescribed by a doctor. Don't know enough about testosterone to know what the consequences are, but I can say the other men on the show were just as lovely and relate able, with the occasional human ere, as the women...