Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sick of reruns.

Found this amusing photo while browsing the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament facebook group (which is at 29, 250 members so far.)

How can I express my disgust at Stephen Harper's latest betrayal of our democracy? Should I just copy and paste my rant from the last time Harper decided that Canadians don't need to be represented in Parliament when he doesn't feel like it?

In December 2008, when I stood outside in the freezing cold at a sad little protest rally and endured watching hippies INTERPRETIVE DANCE to show my support for democracy, I seriously thought it was a crazy, one-time event in Canadian history. I cannot believe this shit is happening again.

So, it looks like Harper is ruining my birthday, yet again (he was voted in on January 23rd 2006). I'll be spending at least part of Saturday January 23rd 2010 attending another ice cold rally. Rallies are being planned across the country.
If there is more awful, embarrassing dancing, I may cry. Canada, if you would just pay attention and stand up for your right to be represented, the hippies wouldn't feel the need to dance! You can stop the madness!

This damn Prime Minister... Doesn't even have the consideration to outrage me during a temperate month.

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