Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walking in Toronto

Two eventful things happened to me on the way home today. My paper bag busted open and I had to gather my belonging and rearrange them in the remaining bags. As I was doing this in the middle of the sidewalk on Dundas street an elderly Chinese (or at least I think Chinese) woman asked me if I was taking the streetcar.
elderly Chinese woman: "do you have token?"
me: "no,"
I cared on and she stood there looking at me, shuffling her bags from one arm to the next.
elderly Chinese woman: "do you have money?"
me: "yes, I have money" I figured out that she wanted to exchange my change for her token. Her English was really basic.
elderly Chinese woman: "I neet money... money for token"
me: "okay," and I started getting the money out of my pocket "two dollars" I said
"NO!" she exclaimed, I was startled, "NO! TWO SEVENTY FIVE"
I shock my head,
me: "but that is how much a token costs", perhaps I showed a little to much attitude and knowledge of the city, I think she might have assumed I was a visitor with all my bags.
elderly Chinese woman "NO! when you get on is two seventy fie,"
I shock my head, "but it only cost you two dollars"
"NO! NO!" she exclaimed again.
I don't know why she didn't offer two fifty, if she really needed the money, she is making a profit and I am saving money. I don't know why I resisted so much, since the price would have been even for me. We both stood there for a few moments once I finished with my bags, than I decided I would just walk home.

The second thing that happened was this.


  1. The ttc needs to work on their customer service!

  2. I like guessing which one of yas put the post up. PURE RACHEL.