Saturday, April 11, 2009


Did you know:

-Half of all sexually active people will have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) by age 25?
- One new STD infection occurs every two or three seconds in the U.S.?
- Many STIs have no symptoms, so most new infections go undiagnosed?

There are many ways for you to participate. First (and most important): GYT! STI testing is easy and quick (promise!). You can ask your regular doctor for STI testing or make an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center.

And for more information on ST!s, check out, or use The Check, the awesome new interactive risk assessment tool.

STIs are a total drag, but the only thing worse than having one is having one and not knowing it. Getting tested not only allows you to have piece of mind and/or identify an existing infection so it can be treated, but it's also a great opportunity to talk with your health care provider and learn more about ST!s and ways to lower your risk. Make an appointment to Get Yourself Tested today! Trust me: safer sex is better sex!

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