Monday, April 20, 2009


Good Lord!

I recently posted a link to one of my favourite dooce stories here. I've been reading dooce for about four years now, after I accidentally got sucked into a few mommy blogs when one writer I enjoyed had a kid. I've always felt a bit odd about this, being in my late teens/early twenties and (thankfully) having no children. But they are amusing. And interesting. And their kids are cute. So whatever. Stop judging me.

In case you are not as familiar with this genre as I am, dooce is their queen. She started blogging as a young single woman in L.A, got fired from her job for writing things about co-workers, got married, had a kid, had postpartum depression and became extremely popular along the way.

I knew her site got a huge amount of traffic and that its ads paid enough for her husband to quit his job. Even so, when I once read somebody's garbled rant about how much she sucks and that she makes millions of dollars I mentally rolled my eyes. There is no way she earns that much, I thought. This angry internet person has no concept of reality/finance.

And then Oprah/CNN goes and tells me that brings in 40 000 advertising dollars a month! A MONTH!

I repeat, Good Lord!

In conclusion, expect either Rachel or I to suddenly have babies and dramatically improve our writing. Also, I am off to join a wacky religion now, so that I can later abandon it and mock it in an amusing fashion. Right now I've only got second-hand Salvation Army jokes, and I don't think they measure up to the Mormon goldmine.


  1. My goal is for writing improved and to become famous!
    but someone once told me with out a plan, a goal is just a wish.


    you both need to read this. she just turned thirteen, if you were older rachel i would swear she was your child. (kristyn)

  3. Having known Rachel when she was 13, I'm going to agree that this is her child.

  4. This girl is a BILLION TIMES cooler than me now! and a BBBBBBBBILLION TIMES COOLer than me at 13.

    She does kind of look like me, i guess that is what you guys are getting at.

    She also listens to Neutral Milk Hotel, and i enjoy them too.

    "....Yokoo scarf, and vintage Givenchy sunglasses. A gift to myself, I guess. Thank you self. You're welcome. OH I'M SORRY WAS THAT AWKWARD I DIDN'T REALIZE I'M A TEENAGER!!!!!1111!~!!1"
    hahahah love her, i mean me, i mean her, fuck i am awkward.

    "I hear "teenagers" need lots of "sleep." So I will crawl into bed and try to "sleep." And while I say this, I will make tiny "quotes" with my "hands," in a very careless "teenager-like" "manner.""

    Have i become obsessed? perhaps, but it will fade. also i was obsessed with my own revelations as a teenager, Cailin will remember.