Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attn: Steve Jobs

I'm as impressed by all the latest techno gadgets as the next person.
  • iPhones have KILLER APPS!
  • iPads are saving the publishing industry
  • iPods play music and shit
And yet... I long for more.

I long for:

The iBall

A computer shaped like a crystal ball! Imagine sitting in coffee shop surrounded by dorks with lame "traditional" computers, while you summon all world knowledge with a glowing electronic orb, like some sort of elven princess or wicked witch?
That would be totally wicked.

Looking up the weather forecast would be immensely more enjoyable. And that is already pretty enjoyable as it is!

Imagine Skyping with an iBall. Magic!

I am so excited for this product to go on the market. A google search tells me that I am not the first to think of it, which kind of pisses me off. But imagine how much greater and more dramatic my anger would have been if I'd found out that bad news through my iBall! I could have screeched with rage and summoned some flying monkeys to attack my enemies.


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