Sunday, March 21, 2010


Git your dictionaries out ya'll. GIT!

I've coined yet another another momentous and useful word that you will soon be using in your daily life.




Take a moment to change your pants, for you have just soiled yourself in excitement.

Laundry is the cause of so much drama. Do you realize that the laundry room in my apartment building is flooded with water practically every time I go in there? That sends me into a rage. Also, once some jerk took my stuff out 10-15 minutes before my dryer cycle finished and STOLE MY PRECIOUS DRYER TIME for their towels. I positively flipped out. It was a LAUNDRAMATIC scene.

I have googled this fine word and got 787 results. This is easily explained. The internet is filled with time travelers who read my blog post in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Remember when I was editing when I should have been writing. AND you were writing instead of editing? and we posted new blog posts at the same time.

    I blame Morgan for following our blog since yesterday.

    I better get back to writing.