Friday, November 13, 2009


From an article defending chick-lit:

"The truth is, women happily read books (and watch films and TV) aimed primarily at men. That's because women buy more and read more, full stop. They read thrillers, travel books, biographies – and yet the majority of these books are marketed for men. Women know they'll like it and give it a go. They'll happily pick up a copy of Porno, with a plastic female sex doll on the front. But men rarely try women's fiction, because they've been conditioned to think they can't pick up a book with a pink cover."

Everyone seems to have an opinion on chick-lit (or "commercial women's fiction," as the author of that piece calls it), but I wonder how many men actually have read any of those books. Interesting question.

P.S. I have most of the Shopaholic series, if anyone wants to loan a copy. Tempted, gentlemen?

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